Shania Kiat

I'm an undergraduate student at La Salle University, PA
majoring in computer science and mathematics.

About Me

I am an undergraduate at La Salle University, Philadelphia, majoring in computer science and mathematics.

My career goals include becoming a software engineer and working for a product or tool I believe in while giving a positive impact on the world through my work and interactions with others.

On campus, I am the secretary and public relations for La Salle’s Mathematical Assoc. of America. I am also involved in La Salle’s Association for Computing Machinery and Programming Team.

My past involvement outside La Salle includes my role as the Creative Director of PERMIAS (Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat) or the Indonesian Students' Association in America.

Aside from computer science, technology, and mathematics, I enjoy design, photography, and coffee.


Get In Touch

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